Long Beach RC

Sliding Jib Tack Swivel Mount

Sliding Jib Sail Tack Swivel Mount & 100mm Slide Track.
 Metal Sliding Jib Sail Tack Mount post is 105mm Length.
Jib Sail Tack Swivel Mount post can be bent/ modified to affix Jib Sail Tack.
Sliding Jib Tack Swivel can be secured at any point along Slide Track.

Slide Track is 9mm Width X 100mm Length. Height is 6mm.
Two (2) Mount Screws are included, 2mm Width X 12mm Length.
Slide Track Mount holes are 2mm Diameter, Center Width is 90mm.
7.3 g total Weight.
Manufactured & Supplied to LBRC by Cap Maquettes.



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