Long Beach RC

150mm Adjustable Rigid Boom Vang

Sold out.

Metal Boom Vang 150mm length, adjusts out to 160mm.

Metal Vang connection rod can be shortened or modified to meet various boom connection types and is 100mm Length.

Knurled adjuster with 20mm of thread for adjustment and stopping nut. Adjuster body is 5mm Width, 35mm Length.

Mast mount has removable lynch pin. Mount is 5mm Width, 22mm Length.

Mount holes are 1.5 mm Diameter. Mount hole center width is 18mm. Mounting bolts and nuts are included.


If you have a round mast, couple this product with our Round Mast Adapter


9.3 g total Weight.


Manufactured & Supplied to LBRC by Cap Maquettes.



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